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  MSNBC    The Daily Rundown    News/Business. NBC's Chief White House correspondent  
   Chuck Todd discusses the day's top political stories. New.  

    April 17, 2013
    6:00 - 7:00am PDT  

>> boston and the whole country mourns, investigators piece together clues about what happened and the fbi gives us the first look at the remains of what exploded. the democrats pushing hardest for a background check on guns said the votes are not there. will the senate hit the breaks and delay to avoid a complete collapse on the issue? as mark sanford gets ready for a debate in south carolina, it's jenny sanford making headlines for him. not with an endorsement, but with a day in court. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, april 17th, 2013. a lot to get to on the boston bombing investigation. we will talk to republican senator that is at the center of both the gun and immigration fights. right now eats get right to the
boston investigation. the president will travel there to the south to speak at an interfaith service dedicated to those wounded and killed in monday's bombing. investigators continue to comb through evidence looking for clues on who carried out the attack. we are looking at the mangled remains of an explosive device. the bombs concealed in backpacks or nylon bags. could have cost as little as $100 to build and were made of ordinary ingredients. pressure cooker pots that have been used for decades. the triggering mechanism included a battery pack and a circuit board. they were recovered at the scene and the bombs were packed with bbs, ball bearings and tiny nails meant to maim victims. they are updating the media this afternoon and for now there few details on who is responsible. >> there no claims of
responsibility. the range of suspects and motives remains wide open. the person who did this is someone's friend, neighbor, coworker or relative. we are asking anyone who may have heard someone speak about the marathon or the date of april 15th in any way that indicated he or she may target the event to call us. someone know who is did this. >> authorities are following up on more than 2,000 tips from eyewitnesss. the fbi is examining photos like this one from wth to see if the nylon bags may have been placed in trash bags to appear less conspicuous. victims are being remembered and the death toll stands at three with 170 injured and 69 are still hospitalized and 19 of those are in critical condition. moments ago we heard from a trauma surgeon at boston medical center. >> initially we had 10 or 11 we
considered critical and now we only have two that are critically ill, but most patients are making good progress and i will not be happy until they are home. >> a vigil was held for 8-year-old martin richard in dorchester, massachusetts. he was with his family near the finish line when the exploded. his 6-year-old sister lost a leg and his mother was severely injured. 29-year-old krystle campbell from medford had been watching the marathon with a friend. first her parents were told their daughter survive and then they learned her close friend was alive and krystle was dead. >> she had a heart of gold. she was always smiling and friendly. couldn't ask for a better daughter. i can't believe this is happening. she was such a happy worker in everything she did. it doesn't make any sense.
>> nbc's correspondent is live in boston tracking the investigation. so michael, there is this image, still photographs we have been showing a lot of a man runing for the explosions dressed in black and clothes tattered. what are officials saying and whether this person is a new suspect or was this the person they questioned for the last couple of days? >> not clear if that's the case, but no indication that this individual is a suspect. he like a lot of other people were fleeing the scene where there were two horrific explosions. remember that the department of foreign nationals where they searched the other night, as far as we know has been cleared. there is no -- he's not a suspect and the individual has not been arrested. i wouldn't read too much into
that picture. it is important to point out and i think this is what we are seeing right now, this is the scene very much still on high alert moments ago. we are aware with all the media doing the live shots. we had bomb-sniffing dogs sniffing the equipment and an indication that they are looking and on high alert and to state the obvious, there have been no arrests. no identifiable suspects yet. that means that there is a terrorist bomber or bombers on the loose somewhere in this area. there is a reason for concern. >> michael, one of the things they are hopeful of is recreating the bomb. that that will give them a hard lead on the who. what is the progress on that?
>> first of all, pieces they recovered from the pressure cooker, black nylon bag and ball bearings had been sent to the fbi lab and technicians are trying to reassemble that and recreate it and see how it was made and how it worked. at the same time every one of those are pieces of evidence that had to be purchase somewhere. what we can expect and we know this from past investigations, we can expect to see fbi agents and police going to commercial stores in this area as early as today asking questions about whether people purchase items of this nature in recent days. one more thing we have been told, they are preparing more
search warrants to look for possible evidence. we don't know where yet, but we can expect to see more searches being executed as early as today. >> on the scene for us, thank you, michael. the president continues to receive updates on the investigation overnight. he will be briefed again this morning by his team. the white house counter terrorism adviser lisa monaco and other key officials. speaking on the boston attacks, for the second time in 24 hours, the president said the american people refuse to be terrorized. >> you want to know who we are? what america is? we respond to evil. that's it. selflessly, compassionately, unafraid. >> 24 hours after avoiding the use of the term terrorism, the president shifted his language about the attack that change that was driven by the information flow.
>> given what we know about what took place, the fbi is investigating as terrorism. any time a bomb is used to harm civilians, little an act of terror. what we don't know is who carried out the attack or why and whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization, foreign or domestic,or was the act an individual? clearly we are at the beginning of the investigation. >> who is most trick striking is how little investigators seem to know. the administration and lawmakers and dianne feinstein and the top republican committee spoke yesterday after they received a closed door intelligence briefing on the investigation. >> we know nothing about a pressure cooker being used. i think that's speculation. we haven't heart definitively
that. >> anything about a motive? >> not at this time. >> any suspects? >> i can't answer that. i don't know. >> we don't know at this point in time who the terrorist was or where he came from, but there a lot of things that are surrounding this that would give an indication that it may have been a domestic terrorist. that can't be assumed. >> congress's response to tragic event is to legislate. it's many people's worst nightmare. attacks without warning and no clear cut way to stop it. yesterday there was a new scare when a letter addressed to mississippi senator was found to contain a white granular substance believed to be ricin. they don't appear to be related. they have been suspended likely until the end of the week.
it was an unusual closed door briefing that the senate received yesterday and it was at this briefing both by boston that they were told definitively about that. the news out of boston continues to overshadow politics in washington. they will have a crucial look on the mansion on background checks. joe mansion said the vote will fail. he tried to nan on republicans in the senate. >> we have over 90% of senate democrats that will vote affirmative. if we had 20% of republican colleagues. that's not a heavy lift. only 20% is nine members. this thing would be home. >> they say to five democrats are voting against and he is looking for eight or nine republicans. if you are doing your percentage math there.
just before we went on the air, a man chin spokesman tried to say the senator remains optimistic. i see no reason to bet against senator manchin and anyone with concerns until the minute they vote. this is what we estimate here at nbc news. it will fall at least four to five votes short and it could lose more as democrats decide it's too great of a risk if it's not going to pass. attempts to make adjustments for rural states did not attract more support and will drop. that person hopes to take the votes on the assault weapons ban and high capacity ammunition first to make them an easier sdpep that will not happen. the expected failure will be there despite appeals. gabby giffords and democrats yesterday showing brought support. it will be despite the fact that
this morning democrats remain optimistic. >> i think there is significant momentum. you should have heard our caucus today. it was as moving as any i have been to. we got the votes and certainly we only have the wind at our back. >> the background check compromise fails and it has become the gun related primary. they released an online ad pegged to the vote in attacking the president in new york mayor michael bloomberg. they are expected to unveil a substitute amendment to ban legislation that preserves the second amendment and provides resources for mental health and safety that addresses gun trafficking and strong purchasing. there will be a vote on a carry amendment. the last time this came up in 2009, 58 senators voted for it
and more democrats in the senate back then, but that represents a reduction on restrictions on firearms if it gets the 60 votes it needs. joe biden came close to previewing the failure of manchin, but said this will not be the end on behalf of the fight with gun control advocates. >> it may literally come down to one or two senators. the opposition insists we require 60 votes. whether it's tomorrow or next month or next year, we are effectually going to reflect the view of the american public in the laws that we pass. >> for what it's worth, that 60-vote threshold created was because both sides wanted the 60-vote threshold because of gun control advocates who wanted 60 votes for that to carry. that was a mutual decision. behind the bombs as we learn more about the type of explosion
use and how they were made to provide the clues needed to figure out who was behind this deadly attack. a done deal after months of negotiations, a group of senators coming through with a bill. the senator on what's in the bill and why he said it's something for everybody to hate. but first a look ahead at the politics planner. as you know about all the votes, president obama dines with democrats after two dinners with senate republicans doing a little on the senate democrat dining there. a lot of the budget talks in the party are going to be there. the sanford push debate. we will have more on that. only on msnbc. p with this horrie rash on my right side. an intense burning sensation like somebody had set it on fire. and the doctor said, cindie, you have shingles. he said, you had chickenpox when you were a little girl...
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. >> everyone realizes and the others realize and the president realizes, no one is going to get everything they want in a bill, but if we meet in the middle, we do a lot of good. >> at the end of the day, we will have a bill to the president's desk. all major players that are involved in this issue are now on board. that was senators sumer and mccain. they briefed him tuesday and met with reporters. at 2:00 this morning, they were delayed until later this week because of the attacks on boston. now one of the republican members, senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to get to immigration in a minute, but i want to start with the briefing.
all 100 senators you received on the boston attacks. when you heard the briefing, does it make you feel as if authorities are any closer to figuring out who was behind this? >> not at this stage, but we all recognize it's still very early. they are putting all hands on it and we are all confident that they will find who is responsible. >> the same briefing, you were told about this letter sent to the address to senator wicker that had ricin on it. what more can you tell us? do they have -- how close are they to getting the suspect into custody? >> there were things they told us they didn't. i don't know what i can say and what i can't, but that's a big concern. when you attack a senator in this way, and that's who handles
the male. >> they had their why of who did this? >> i think so. i don't want to prejudge. >> let's go to the immigration bill. before you guys rolled out. the trigger on border security some argue that there is no trigger before you start the clock on a path to citizenship. what do you tell wavering colleagues on the republican side of the aisle that border security is a private in this bill? >> before anybody can be granted this provisional status or to be
legalize for a time, that has to be done. a plan that would not yet receive from vhs. we have to have a good plan to secure the border. after that as this plan is implemented, if it fails to work after a period of five years, we have a commission that takes over and said here's what we are going to do to make sure the border is secure. when that is implemented, you have another five years before anybody gets on a path towards citizenship. there triggers involved and that's strong. >> the cost of this is where they try to attack it. do you feel as if this bill will cost money or do you buy into senator rubio's argument that if you use dynamic scoring and you can make the case due to economic growth it won't cost a dime? >> i think the dynamics, you go far beyond the cost. we designed this bill to be
actually self-funding. there significant fees that are paid in which to be legal and in which to work here. some want to get on a path towards citizenship. there fees as well. fees paid by companies to hire workers. there significant fees and finds in the bill that will fund the bill. we think it will be self-funded. >> i'm going to move to guns. you are one of the last people to come out against the manchin compromise. what specifically about it would you not support? >> i want to read and understand it. i guess that's the biggest thing for me. it takes commercial sales and goes too far and it is said it does not apply to private sales, but the definition of a commercial sale is basically any posting on the internet or any posting or publication.
theoretically given the definition of publication, any posting on the internet and posting on the bulletin board and newsletter, you have a gun for sale and that triggers a commercial sale which would trigger a background check. >> okay. why not? this morning's "new york times" throwing us through the tick tock of how an internet posting that somebody with a felony background -- this becomes a loophole. it's this giant loophole to get around if you have a conviction and you technically wouldn't pass a background check. this is your way around it. you thought this bill went too far at closing an internet loophole. isn't it a giant loophole that needs to be closed? >> if you want to close it in terms of sale, there significant finds selling commercially on the internet and restrictions
into state. what this does is affects intrastate postings at an individual level and i think that goes too far. >> you think it's -- what you are saying is it allows for an individual to sell a gun to somebody who couldn't pass a background check? isn't that what manchin is trying to close that loophole should somebody who can't pass a back ground check be able to buy a gun? >> what the manchin proposal says it does is it allows private sales to take place. if you are in a small town, a long way away from the so-called ffl or licensed gun dealer that they have to take care of this transaction. if you have a sale that you post or send an e-mail to a dozen friends and say i have this gun i want to sell and somebody wants to buy it, you would have
to go to an area where there may be significant costs as well. when this says it allows private sales to continue, it really doesn't. i think the legislation needs to be further tightened up and it's not right now. >> all right, senator. do you expect the legislation to go down today? >> it doesn't electric like it has the votes and perhaps others can come up. i think we need to tighten up background checks and strengthen them. particularly as it relates to the mentally ill. >> i know there is a couple of versions that will come up today. we will watch those as well. senator, you are at the story of a lot of issues going on this week. thank you for your time. >> for thank you. >> next, a political problem. new trouble for former governor mark sanford as he tries to make a political come back.
leaders from around the world are in london as they pay final respects to great britain's first and only prime minister. which count set birth place to the most u.s. presidents? the first person to tweet the correct answer will get the shout out. the answer coming up on the daily run down. we threw a party. the next day, we sprayed new febreze air effects and asked real people what they thought. i can't believe i don't smell any of this. febreze did a really great job. impressive. new febreze air effects eliminates tough odors for good. febreze, breathe happy.
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constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. . the other issues this morning on the radar, paying tribute margaret thatcher at st. paul's cathedral. 2300 guests with dignitaries from around the world. queen elizabeth and prince phillip. she died af a stroke on monday at the age of 87. >> former south carolina
governor mark sanford and his ex-wife jenny accused him of trespassing at her home on a number of occasions. sanford has been trying to make a come back and ordered to appear for a hearing next month, two days after he faces elizabeth colbert busch in the special election. jenny sanford said she doesn't care how it affects his chances of winning the race, but she saidy that doesn't link the documents and doesn't know how they became public. they were supposed to be sealed. sanford's come back may be short-lived anthony wiener's could be getting started. according to the poll, the former new york congressman could mound a serious mayoral challenge against speaker kwis qui chris quinn. he has not announced he is running, but said he is weighing the idea of getting into the
race. he has 100% name id and getting 15%. i would say the glass is half empty. the massachusetts senate debate scheduled to take place between ed lynch and ed marky is postponed. both decided to reschedule to sometime next week out of respect for those injury and killed in the bombing. all senators have put a halt to campaigning. much more on the website. run the website has more and more stuff on it. up next, searching for clues in the boston bombings. they begin the process of recovering the tiny pieces themselves. what they are looking for and what they are learn being who could be behind this attack.
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investigators believe they were most likely smokeless gunpowder and not dynamite. pictures show pieces of the device that have been found and shipped back to the fbi lab. >> they are specialized examers who will reconstruct the device or devices and determine the make up and components. >> homeland security has been warn being this type of bomb for nearly years. in 2004 it issued an alert that said the use of pressure cooker bombs was a technique taught in training camps. they point out that they are easily obtained and instructions
on how to build them are common on the internet. the pressure cookers were used in 2006 when several were planted in india. more than 200 people were killed. would be times square bomber had a pressure cooker in his suv when he was arrested in new york city in 2010. they issued another warning that seemed to foreshadow monday's deadly bombing. placed carefully, such devices provide little or no indication of impending attack. an mbc terrorism expert and director at the counter terrorism center. let me start with you. they put together about 90% of the materials they are looking at. are they so common that it gives them no clues as to what type of person they are dealing with? >> i think type of person is too
soon. what they will try to do is a lot of these pieces were remarkably intact. we see a lot more pictures of them now. it's further indication that it was a low level explosive. the pieces were not broken up more. the bottom picture shows a battery and there were apparently two batteries. the black plastic thing on the bottom. the upper left has a circuit board and another set of devices there. the pieces of the pressure cooker are intact. the wire is made in china. the batteries are made in china. the batteries are commonly available. i had not been able to find a wire in the u.s., but these are all leads that they will chase down and say all right, where will the batteries have come from and the wire? where will the circuit board have come from? out of a timer and a washing
machine? they have a wealth of information here. even though the bombs went off, the pieces are very intact. they will be able to chase those down. that will be the forensic pathway. the pictures, they believe the bombs were heavy, about 20 pounds apiece. somebody would have been seen carrying something heavy in a backpack or a duffle bag or both. one bottom was in the backpack and the other in a duffle bag. this is one of the pictures. we don't know if that picture you just saw is a blown out backpack or duffle bag used to carry the device. in any event these were the things you look at. back to the pictures, they see somebody carrying heavy objects or placing heavy objects. that's why they make an appeal for videos. the amount they are getting, the
amount of these officials is staggering. >> i can imagine. what about the sophistication or lack of this bomb that tells you about the person or persons or group that were potentially responsible? >> i don't think it tells you that much. the fact that these bombs are simple is what also makes them a very, very good tool. they didn't involve military grade explosives or potentially a more powerful mix of hydrogen peroxide, that's probably a good thing, but again the tools can be more difficult to obtain or use. that's the reason that these bombs have been so popular. as you mentioned in your opening, these have been talked about a lot. pakistan and india. they have been talked about and propaganda that targets accomplish speakers.
i would warn that this technology as you implied is something that is very well-known in domestic circles as well on a variety of websites. although we commonly see it in the al qaeda world, we don't think it's distinctive enough to draw conclusions at this point. >> do you get the impression that the person who made this bomb is trying to cover their tracks? meaning this is not somebody looking for attention, but covering their tracks because they want to do it again or covering their tracks for another reason that they are trying to stay in hiding? >> i think so. i think the lack of a plan of responsibility from outside the u.s. and international terrorist groups or at least of lack of a credible claim starts to make one suspect more and more as hours and days pass that this was an individual or a group
operating solely here in the united states. that doesn't tell you if it's anti-government and a domestic group and inspired by al qaeda, but as time goes on, a lack of a plan of responsibility from overseas, you do have to look more within the united states. >> in your experience, what should we expect today. this is the second 24 hours that it's less about dealing with enhanced security or concerns about where could something happen next and more about the investigation. how much progress do you expect? >> difficult to say. what they are hoping for is a break on the pictures of the pieces of the bomb that are being assembled here. they will now fan out and try to figure out where everything was bought. it may be several days before they have a good idea of who did this. you may not see anything dramatic today.
>> our team, appreciate it. thank you both. >> here next, we have lots to talk about on boston and guns. white house soup of the day, you will be happy with this one. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i've got the power people lose 5x more weight following the weight watchers approach than trying on their own. you can too. ♪ ♪ you've got the power ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ get the power the new weight watchers 360 program. ♪ whoo! join for free and check out the new risk free guarantee today. because it works.
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senate. speaking live on the senate floor right now and he warned of the repercussions on the senate floor about not having this bill go through. let's bring in the wednesday gaggle and political analyst michael steele. former democratic congresswoman jane harmon who served on the homeland security committee. i want to start with guns, michael steele, are you surprised? >> no. not really. >> it's disappointing we are at this point. i don't think a lot of members feel this this gets to where it needs to go. irrespect of of what 90% of people think and how the people feel at least this gives us a sense of closure that we did something in response to that, all that is irrelevant.
this is about the weight of the nra and other members. >> you were in congress when it's at a peak of power. are you surpriseding this going down? >> i am surprised, but going down because it's not getting 60 votes. it would clearly get a majority. >> they cut a deal to force all amendments to get 60 votes because the bill on concealed carry could get 50 votes and they wanted to make him get 60. >> i get the point, but a majority of the senate is not able to work because of the way the 60 vote threshold is now employed by the leadership in the senate. i think it's unfortunate and i voted for the ban on assault weapons in 1994 during my first reelect to congress. i was reelected by 812 votes. >> did that vote make it harder? >> of course it did. i voted against doma. i was one of 67 votes to do
that. what's my point? when you are there, you have to do the right thing. too many people are too scared of being primaried and too focused on getting reelected rather than doing what's best for the country. this is a no brainer. >> you can't help but wonder if the boston incident is taking focus away from manchin. the momentum that was there and that halted in its tracks. is there any thought of delay? >> not that we heard. nine votes coming up today, but it is astounding. this has so much public support and the families lobbying on this. if it can't pass now, i don't think it can pass, but this needed all the political oxygen it can get. >> it couldn't, but how much did the fact that this thing was never going anywhere in the house impact senators? nobody wants to do a tough vote if it doesn't count. >> right, but at the same time people can get out there and be
on the right side of the issue. >> how sad is that? >> i'm living in the reality. you know that's true. >> i knew that doma was going to pass. president clinton was for it. >> the easier vote? >> the easier vote was for it. i wasn't going to do that. i thought it was unconstitutional and still do. you live with yourself in the end, win or lose. i think you have got to do the right thing. pick your shots. >> you are like wait a minute. there is a loophole. there is clearly a giant loophole. i wonder, could guns -- if i were an owner of a gun store, i would be sitting here looking in a business proposition saying wait a minute, i have to do more regulation than something on the internet. >> that's true. >> it's a competitive advantage
here. >> i think when you boil it down, that's what the color puts it in stark swallow everybody. this vote to me is disappointing, but it's a reflective culture of a culture that has not been eclipsed by the reality. >> it's -- >> can you imagine if it passes and gets 60 votes, conceal carry basically loosening gun reinstructior restricts. >> can you imagine we actually relax gun control? >> president obama has signed the most, he expanded it. >> well, the last time mooil of that marathon was dedicated to the newtown families. that's when all the chaos occurred and it didn't transfer to washington at all. >> right now, we have john kerry. he's testifying for the first time at secretary of state. but he's actually talking about what happened in boston. a little bit. but he'll hit on a number of topics, we want to listen in. >> boston is not going to be
intimidated by this, but we're going to find out who did this. and the police work being done is extraordinary, the fbi is remarkable. there's great deal of forensic evidence and we're hopeful that we can bring people to justice. turning to the business before us this morning, i do promise to remember how important the lessons are i learned in my time in congress, which means keep your remarks short so we can get to the questions. there are some things i want to share with you. one of the lessons i've learned and particularly been reenforced in my early travels, and let me just say what a privilege it is to appear -- >> all right, we wanted to hear what senator, secretary of state kerry had to say. we asked which county is the birthplace to the most u.s. presidents? norfolk county, massachusetts. the birthplace of four
presidents. john quincy adams. john f. kennedy and george h.w. bush. congratulations to the winner. robert -- we'll be right back. girl vo: i'm pretty conservative. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours.
jane harmon, congress all the wants to respond to something. peter king yesterday who basically followed you i think on the homeland security committee, he wants, he thinks, his response is more cameras. is that what's going to happen? >> maybe. there are many more cameras in new york and washington than there are in boston. i don't think there are going to be cameras everywhere all the time, but it is true the london 775 2005 bombings were solved quickly because there were cameras everywhere and london is known for that. there will be more iphones, tv for sure. >> the question is --
>> and we'll figure this out because there will be a picture of somebody dropping that duffel bag. >> but we know, this whole big brother is watching, that there's political left right coalitions. >> big brother's watching because it's each one of you with your iphone. so big brother's already here. the question now is does the state take a more active role. >> i'm going to be a patriot and give a plug to new zealand. >> auckland in the house. go ahead. >> my third child, dan harmon, was married a week ago at age 30 to his columbia business school classmate, jackie, they are on their honeymoon. fourth child gets married in august. >> it's good to be mother of the brides and grooms. >> very happy to announce i will be writing for the grio now.
our buddies in the family. >> comcast in the house and a mom of plenty of grooms and brides. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. chris jansing is next. bye bye. a big cold front is stretching across the country. on the northwest side of it, we have some heavy know across nebraska and south dakota, but we're also looking at the threat of strong storms, especially down through oklahoma, where some icelated tornados are possible. also a round of thunderstorms in land, detroit and chicago. temperatures in the southeast about 81. i'm phyllis, and i have diabetic nerve pain.
when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain,
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